2012 Energize Our Planet
Trees - The Gift That Last A Lifetime
Give The Gift Of Trees - Help Re-Energize Our Planet Earth
Size: 10” Wide X 8” High
Energize Our Planet
Help Us Plant A Million Trees
Plant-A-Tree E-Gift Certificates are $28.90 each
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Re-Energize Our Earth With A Gift Of Trees - E-Gift Certificates

Emailed within 12 hours
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Giving a gift of a tree, without a doubt, is one of the most eco-friendly ways to honour someone.  What other kind of gift that the average person can offer a friend or family member bestows so many benefits on our planet.  From helping to reduce global warming to providing food, fuel and shelter for humans and animals, trees give the gift of life that last a lifetime. Choose the occasion - for birthdays, weddings, mother’s and father’s day, Christmas, graduations, anniversaries, or as a thank you gift for someone that has done something special for you. Orders are processed within 12 hours and can be emailed directly to you or the person receiving the gift.
Each E- Gift Certificate Plants 5 Trees

Give The Life Saving Gift Of Trees

Tree E-Gift Certificates