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About Us

Last year I ran across a 2006 statement from one of NASA's top scientists, James Hansen, who said that we are running out of time to turn the tide on climate change. He went on to say that if we don't take action now rising temperatures will "produce a different planet." His statement made me sit up and really take notice and even though I had read numerous articles before about the effects of global warming I never really looked at this as such an urgent problem.  James Hansen's NASA credentials convinced me. Here was a scientist who knew all about earth's atmosphere and beyond. I mentioned my concerns to my granddaughter, Jordan, and she suggested that I should use my spare time (I'm retired) and do something such as getting people to plant trees.  Since I've always had a passion and appreciation for nature I decided to look into this and soon realized that the earth was quickly running out of trees. I discovered that over 70% of our forest cover had disappeared due to deforestation.  And this in turn is speeding up global climate change. Fewer trees equals more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere equals increased global warming. So I decided that if my family and I were going to make a real difference in the world we needed to get people to plant trees – a lot of them. The United Nations stated that the world needs to plant  “approximately 14 billion trees every year for 10 consecutive years. This would require each person to plant and care for at least two seedlings a year.” This amount is just to make up for the loss of trees over the last decade alone. We have set a goal of planting a million trees over the next 10 years by offering people the opportunity to participate along with us by giving their friends and family tree gifts.   We are partnering with local and global organizations in Haiti and several other African countries that have set up tree planting programs. Our tree gifts are the perfect gift, especially for someone who has everything. They are great for birthdays, Christmas, mother’s and father’s day and other special occasions. Tree gifts are eco-friendly, last a lifetime and will assist the planet in its battle with global warming.  We sincerely hope you will participate.
Brother and sister planting a tree Man holding a tree seedling in his hands Picture of the globe (earth) partially open with a tree inside About